Pasargad Bitumen Price

Pasargad bitumen is a company that produces bitumen under name of Pasargad Oil Company and indicating the price of bitumen in the Middle East. Pasargad bitumen price is updating weekly and normally dealing in Iran merchandise exchange. Pasargad bitumen price is depending on packing: Bitumen in Drum, Bitumen in Bulk, Bitumen in bag

Pasargad Bitumen Specification

Pasargad Bitumen Specification

Bitumen Pasargad
Bulk bitumen, Penetration 30-40 to 100-120, Softening point 42-63, Ductility 100min, Flashpoint 250 min, Black Solid, Water Proof, Packing bulk
Bitumen grades for covering roads and street as pavement and for insulation of structures
Bitumen Pasargad oil company Iran
Bitumen origin Iran for export
OPAP offers purchase service to importers of bitumen’s from Iran.
The price of bitumen 60-70 and 85/100 is valid at the date of the offer.

How to buy Bitumen from Iran:
Option A: Payment by LC for sea or exchange shop for land
1-Seller is a trading company
2-Product: Bitumen all grades
3-Packing: bulk or barrels
4-Delivery Term: Ex-work factories, FOB Iran ports, and shipment to the destination is workable by adding shipping cost
5-Price of bitumen 60-70 or 85-100 FOB Bandar-Abbas by LC
Price of bitumen 158 USD in bulk and 220 USD/MT in Barrels
6-Price of bitumen 60-70 or 85-100 Ex-work by Exchange shop
Price of bitumen 140 in bulk and 202 USD/MT in Barrels Ex-work Arak and Tehran
Price of bitumen 142 in bulk and 178 USD/MT in Barrels Ex-work Tabriz

Deal terms with factory: Advance payment and ex-work only
Price of bitumen 124 in bulk and 177 USD/MT in Barrels Ex-work Tabriz
Price of bitumen 122 in bulk and 175 USD/MT in Barrels Ex-work Arak
Price of bitumen 122 in bulk and 175 USD/MT in Barrels Ex-work Tehran
Price of bitumen 123 in bulk and 177 USD/MT in Barrels Ex-work Bandar Abbas

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Pasargad oil company is a famous and reliable brand which produce all kind of bitumen’s according to standards in Europe and Iran.

For bulk shipment of bitumen buyers need to introduced the bulk vessels with heater for shipment of bulk bitumen and keeping the bitumen warm and fluent.

OPAP purchase consultancy supplies all kinds of bitumen’s origin Iran: Bitumen 30-40, Bitumen 60-70, bitumen 85-100, bitumen VG30, bitumen VG40

Deal Term to buy bitumen:
1- Product: Bitumen
2- Grade of bitumen: 60/70 and 85/100
3- Origin of Bitumen: Pasargad oil company Tabriz, Arak, Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Abadan
4- Specification of bitumen: As the attached sheet
5- Packing: bulk, on request packing in a new steel drum, is applicable with additional cost
6- Quantity: 3000mt minimum
7- Delivery term: Ex-work factory Tabriz
8- Price of bitumen: as offer above Ex-work Factory in bulk or in barrel
9- Payment term: 105% in cash in advance to factory account in IRR to the account of the factory in Iran.
10- Inspection of bitumen: By third party company on buyers cost while loading

The deal process to buy bitumen:
1- LOI along with resume and fund proof and passport copy
Foreign buyers need to translate papers of their company and certify by the embassy of Iran
2- Signing Purchase consulting contract and applying payment Guarantee in the exchange shop
3- Following the order for obtaining allocation by purchase consultancy
4- Issuing proforma by the factory and the following instruction by the buyer

For updates on price and new quotation, there is a need to LOI, fund proof, resume, target price from a buyer.
Please issue an initial LOI with one BL from the last shipments by the buyer or fund proof and passport copy.

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Grades of penetration bitumen available from Pasargad oil company:
bitumen grade 30-40
bitumen grade 50-70
bitumen grade 60-70
bitumen grade 85-100
bitumen grade 100-120

Pasargad oil Refinery

Pasargad Oil owns six refineries with a total production capacity of over 2.2 million metric tons per year. Pasargad bitumen production plants are located in Tehran, Arak, Tabriz, Shiraz, Abadan, and Bandar-Abbas.

Pasargad Oil Company supplies different types of bitumen such as Penetration Grade, Viscosity Grade, Performance Grade, Cutback, Emulsion, and Polymer Modified.

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